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The shock Rap clip that makes the buzz in Moscow!

The Russia-Africa Axis in trendy music version …

PCN-TV and A.M.G. /

With Europäischer Widerstand / 2014 14 November /

GO HARD LIKE VLADIMIR PUTIN, the hymn to the glory of the Russian president by two African rappers …

The video released in March has since been re-mastered just before the start of the tour of the two rappers in Russia. This is the version that we broadcast.

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Kudzayi Victor Matinyarare alias K. King from Zimbabwe, and Beni Maniaci, alias Benson Angawa Aginga from Kenya.

They are from Zimbabwe and Kenya, but they live in Moscow and became famous thanks to a rap, tribute to … Vladimir Putin. A surprising approach in a country where racism is prevalent as elsewhere in Europe, carried by a racist neo-fascist far-right, violent and xenophobic. Which is supported against Putin specifically by Washington and Brussels (in defiance of the so-called « European values »). But a racism fought by Putin and his government as by our comrades of NASHI, the movement of the anti-fascist Democratic Youth.

In this context, the approach of the rappers group from Africa « The Architects Musician Group » is an example. They have indeed written a song: « I go hard like Vladimir Putin », which is an ode to the Russian president. The two rappers  challenge the « Niggaz », the Blacks, to be inspired by the militancy of the head of state. The two rappers began a tour called #GoHardTour in Russia at the beginning of October.

But the clip of A.M.G. is also a weapon against racism. As an African of Moscow explains it on the forum of the « observers of France 24 »:

« I have many Russian friends who came to me and asked me if I knew these artists, for them it was weird to see Africans to praise their president. So they are curious, discovering Zimbabwe and Kenya, and ask questions about our culture … for me, the initiative of these rappers is positive because it shows another image of African nationals. »


Kudzayi Victor Matinyarare alias K.King is one of the singers of the AMG group He lives in Russia since 2000, where he studied medicine at the University of Volgograd. He lives since 2007 in Moscow.

Hear him: « We have not made this song to pay tribute to Vladimir Putin, the Russian president has simply been an inspiration for us. We wanted to do a rap to encourage young people in general to work hard and to fight to achieve their goals. When questioned, with Beni Manici, the other singer of the band, who could be an example for these generations, the name that came spontaneously to us was Vladimir Putin.

In the song, we challenge the Blacks, because we wanted to speak to all the Blacks, not just those living in Russia. We come from two countries where the presidents [Robert Mugabe and Uhuru Kenyatta, Ed] are heads of state who know how to stay the course in an authoritarian manner. I think we need more iconic leaders. « Putin, like Mugabe knows to stay the course in an authoritarian manner »

With this song, we show them an example to follow: work hard, integrate into society and avoid at all costs illegal activities. In one sentence: follow the rules no matter where you are. »





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