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“elements of the opposition have assumed an extremist cast, and openly allied with Al Qaeda (… ) a complex guerrilla and criminal landscape. That has raised the prospect that American military action could inadvertently strengthen Islamic extremists and criminals”

– The New-York Times

Hard Pic and video published today Sept. 6 on the US daily New-York Times (from a FSA video, “smuggled out of Syria a few days ago by a former rebel who grew disgusted by the killings”).

The video :   http://www.nytimes.com/video/2013/09/05/multimedia/100000002421671/syrian-rebels-execute-7-soldiers.html?ref=middleeast

Djihadists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” executing Syrian Army prisoners. “The Syrian rebels posed casually, comments the NYT, standing over their prisoners with firearms pointed down at the shirtless and terrified men. The prisoners, seven in all, were captured Syrian soldiers. Five were trussed, their backs marked with red welts. They kept their faces pressed to the dirt as the rebels’ commander recited a bitter revolutionary verse (…) The moment the poem ended, the commander, known as “the Uncle,” fired a bullet into the back of the first prisoner’s head. His gunmen followed suit, promptly killing all the men at their feet.”

It is a war crime …

Abdul Samad Issa, 37, the rebel commander is “Known in northern Syria as “the Uncle” because two of his deputies are his nephews, Mr. Issa leads a relatively unknown group of fewer than 300 fighters (…) his group had taken a resonant name: Jund al-Sham, which it shares with three international terrorist groups, and another group in Syria”.


”Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West” says also the NYT. “The video also offers a reminder of the foreign policy puzzle the United States faces in finding rebel allies as some members of Congress, including Senator John McCain, press for more robust military support for the opposition”. The New-York times describes openly the FSA as criminal : “Across much of Syria, where rebels with Western support live and fight, areas outside of government influence have evolved into a complex guerrilla and criminal landscape. That has raised the prospect that American military action could inadvertently strengthen Islamic extremists and criminals.”

Here are the “moderate rebells” of Kerry in action !

“In Washington on Wednesday, comments the NYT, Secretary of State John Kerry addressed the issue of radicalized rebels in an exchange with Representative Michael McCaul, a Texas Republican. Mr. Kerry insisted, “There is a real moderate opposition that exists.” Mr. Kerry said that there were 70,000 to 100,000 “oppositionists.” Of these, he said, some 15 percent to 20 percent were “bad guys” or extremists. Mr. McCaul responded by saying he had been told in briefings that half of the opposition fighters were extremists”.

What confirms the NYT : “Much of the concern among American officials has focused on two groups that acknowledge ties to Al Qaeda. These groups — the Nusra Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria — have attracted foreign jihadis, used terrorist tactics and vowed to create a society in Syria ruled by their severe interpretation of Islamic law. They have established a firm presence in parts of Aleppo and Idlib Provinces and in the northern provincial capital of Raqqa and in Deir al-Zour, to the east on the Iraqi border (…)they focus more on establishing a zone of influence spanning Iraq’s Anbar Province and the desert eastern areas of Syria, and eventually establishing an Islamic territory under their administration”.


In judging the US and French governments’ ability to distinguish « good » rebels from « bad » rebels, it’s worth noting that Abdul Samad Issa, the commander of the rebel group in this video, is not a jihadist. In the strict sense of al-Qaida network members. Presumably none of his men were either, since jihadist rebels typically won’t work for a « secular » leader.

In other words, these cold-blooded killers, flagrantly violating one of the oldest and most sacred rules of war by shooting 7 prisoners of war in the back of the head – and videotaping the gruesome scene and uploading it to YouTube – probably would be classified as « good » rebels to which the US and French apparently will be supplying weapons in the near future. (When they stand in line to receive their US weapons, presumably none of these prisoner-killers will mention his starring role in this video.)

In other words, even if it (!!!) were realistic (which it’s not) to predict that NATO weapons will not find their way to « bad » rebels (for example, through the black market), it appears likely that we’ll be supplying weapons directly to some very bad guys – guys who will use them to shoot prisoners of war in the back of the head.

So here are the “democrats” friends of Mc Cain – BHL – Hollande – Obama – Cameron “protecting the Syrians” !!!

And here is the dirty wars that the djihadists coming from the UE, and particularly from Belgium and France, are participating. No “young peoples abused”, but criminals …

For the NATO’s medias it is a “discovery”. But Pro-Assad medias, like SANA, the SYRIA COMMITTEES Website or LUCMICHEL.NET published videos and pics of FSA war crimes since two years…




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