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 After winning the regional elections in Bavaria, Merkel and her CDU-CSU won a week later the German elections. But without a majority, following the collapse of her liberal allies of the FDP ejected from Parliament (below the 5% threshold of eligibility).

 The questions we raised between the Bavarian regional and the general elections have materialized. We wrote on 17 September: ”Chancellor Angela Merkel won a crucial victory on Sunday September 15 in Bavaria. At a regional election, the Conservatives won an absolute majority in seats, a week before the parliamentary elections of September 22 , according to official results.

But this could possibly be a victory ‘à la Pyrhus’ .

For Angela Merkel is concerned for her coalition . The CSU , the Bavarian right-wing of the Christian Democrat CDU won an absolute majority in the Bavarian regional elections. But the liberal FDP , member of the coalition of the Chancellor was rolled . Not a good omen before the federal elections on 22 September.”


 The prognosis proved relevant in the wake of the Legislative Elections … The CDU-CSU must now find a majority.

Three combinations are possible:

 * The black-red CDU-CSU-SPD with the Social Democrats;

 * The red-green- bright red between the SPD, the environmentalist Grünen and radical left Die Linke (doubtful because the SPD hates the ‘leftists’ of Die Linke, resulting in part of the SED, the CP of the DDR). But the political magazine CICERO devotes its latest issue entitled « Operation Rot-Rot-Grün » explaining how some of the directions of the three parties are working on it;

 * Finally, and just amazing at first glance, the black-green between the CDU-CSU… and the Grünen!


 So analysts already mention « another majority » … With the Grünen !

The German Greens who at the end of a long political and ideological drift went from the radical left , alternative, neutralist and anti NATO in the early 80s , to conservative and right-wing positions.

 Le Temps (Geneva) echoed it, evoking the  » green laboratory  » of theState of Baden-Württemberg :  » In Baden -Württemberg , environmentalists are the strongest party for two years . They mobilize on issues thought to be reserved for parties of the right. This experiment opens up new horizons. For example, one day a coalition with the Conservatives ? (…) For two years , they are the first party ( one voter in four trusts them ) and it is Winfried Kretschmann who heads this Land of 10.5 million inhabitants, close to Switzerland. The Grünen much need support from their single minister-president , everywhere presented as  » the most influential Green of the country » … « 

 The question is whether German voters will follow. And whether electoral appetites of the Grünen – which are considerable , like those of their Belgian or French epigones – will be met. Note that weak Greens in the Bundestag will be more malleable for a new majority with Merkel’s CDU .

As explained Le Temps,  » Recently, environmentalists face a nasty headwind . They have long excelled in the polls, even garnering 15% of voting intentions in the early summer . But estimates of the last two weeks are now below 10%. Getting caught so close to goal would be a big disappointment for their leaders, who have cherished the hope of becoming , after the elections of 22 September , the essential help force to forge the next government . « 

 Possibly  » with the blacks of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) of Angela Merkel. Still four years ago , this alliance against nature was taboo. Since the Chancellor impressed by Fukushima , decided that Germany was turning its back on nuclear power, the most serious obstacle to this new story is objectively lifted . « 

Another laboratory , Frankfurt, City of Cohn- Bendit, the German- French khaki green, and it is not a coincidence . There the CDU- Grünen alliance is already a reality . « the Greens are already running the city of Frankfurt with the CDU . They especially appeal to affluent Germans : professors, doctors, teachers , lawyers, jurists, engineers , executives . « 

« Their weak point is the social , Jürgen Hartwig observed . Much remains to be done before ecology is synonymous with social justice.  » Again no chance. Everywhere – Germany, Belgium, France … – green politicians embody a privileged class .

 Before the general elections, the polls predicted sometimes a collapse of the alternative party Die Piraten – which the European media chose not to speak of – in favor of the German Greens . The polls have broken the dreams of ‘Die Piraten’, brought down the Greens of 4% but without seeing them collapse. But still these new « alternative » remind the alternative ecologists of the early 80s.These opportunistic Grünen , party that had emerged from the crisis of the Euro – missiles in the early 80s – the one of the  » German National neutralism » and great peace demonstrations in Germany and Europe, to become the one of the pro-NATO , the  » khaki – green”. Precisely the alternative force 30 years ago, as Die Piraten stay that of today, become one of the old parties that they intended to replace …



Conservative and nevertheless Green Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, on CICERO.

The ambivalence of the Grünen, possible partners of a « big left » « Operation Rot-Rot-Grün » on CICERO.

Pacifist poster of the Grünen for the 1983 elections. They are now khaki-greens …



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