PCN-TV - RT daily news 008 (2013 10 25) ENGL

Central topic: NSA spying EU leaders/

PCN-TV with RT – PCN-SPO / 2013 10 25/

The Russian TV channel ‘RT’ daily news – former Russia Today – for an alternative information to the dual language, double standards, lies and propaganda of the NATO’s medias …

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Today main topics:

America’s National Security Agency is exposed listening in on the phone conversations of 35 world leaders, further complicating relations between the U.S. and its allies. EU leaders express frustration with their long-time ally after reports that U.S. intelligence has been eavesdropping on dozens of world leaders;

Apart from the NSA spying scandal EU leaders are also faced with the flow of refugees from war torn states, which has been putting pressure on a number of European countries. As migrants from Africa and the Middle East struggle to rebuild their lives on the other side of the Mediterranean. We report from a refugee camp in the heart of Europe;

American protesters rage against police brutality – as a notorious pepper-spraying cop walks away with cash compensation almost equal to what his victims received. A U.S. policeman who pepper-sprayed a group of peaceful protesters is awarded compensation for psychiatric damage. A ruling that’s likely to fuel anger over police brutality.





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