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Central topic: questions over just what a decade of war on terror/

PCN-TV with RT – PCN-SPO / 2013 11 01-02/

The Russian TV channel ‘RT’ daily news – former Russia Today – for an alternative information to the dual language, double standards, lies and propaganda of the NATO’s medias …

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Today main topics:

Global radicals set a grisly record as the world bodycount doubles in just a year… raising questions over just what a decade of war on terror, has to show for itself.

SYRIA NEWS : Bombing a sovereign country and getting away with it … Israel’s warplanes bomb Syria AGAIN – reports which the Israeli military refuses to comment on. This in the midst of Syria’s civil war – where the government’s trying to keep to international agreements, by finishing the first phase of its chemical disarmement.

Desperate Italians demanding better housing and an end to evictions of the poor, clash with police in Rome’s streets, leaving six injured.

And Britain looks to reinforce its new cyber-defense force with convicted hackers – but not all the cyber criminals are keen to sign up. Britain’s new cyber-security service is looking to pump up its muscles with those it used to fight against, even though many of the ex-hackers reject the job opportunity as morally bankrupt.





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