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Luc MICHEL for PCN- INFO / 2012 12 22 /

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« The agreement with Moscow avoided bankruptcy in Ukraine with the EU , » says rightly Ukrainian Prime Minister . The landmark agreement Tuesday with Moscow  » helped save the Ukrainian economy from bankruptcy, which would have taken place in the case of signing an association agreement with the EU , » said Wednesday the Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.  » The Association Agreement with the European Union would have led to the bankruptcy and socio- economic collapse , » further stated Mr. Azarov opening the cabinet.

« Yesterday we witnessed a historic event , » he added , referring to the visit to Moscow by President Viktor Yanukovych during which Russia has granted Ukraine $ 15 billion and lowered one-third of gas prices. Much below the market price.

« The previous gas contract ( signed by then Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in prison today , ed) bled the Ukrainian economy for three and a half years, » he said. Tymoshenko, who is neither anti nor pro-Western , and still less a  » political prisoner  » ( sic ), but a corrupted Ukrainian oligarch, participating in the looting of Ukraine since the 90’s , had reached this agreement with Gazprom (Russia ) for reasons of personal political agenda . « The president has put an end to this betrayal of national interests, which are responsible for the same political forces that today cause instability in the country , » said Mykola Azarov.


The opposition – organized , financed and excited by the USA and EU politicians , led by Germany – challenges on the streets for nearly one month the refusal of the Ukrainian President to sign an association agreement with the EU in favor of economic cooperation with Russia. Contrary to what the media of NATO affirm, this opposition, led by the leaders of the anti-Semitic neo-Nazi party Slobova and hard right-wing German- Ukrainian party Udar (a subsidiary of the CDU- CSU) , does not represent « the majority of Ukrainians .  »

A petition demanding a constitutional referendum against the Anschluss by the EU and for the Eurasian Customs Union with Russia, organized by the KPU , the Communist Party of Ukraine (close to the Russian KPRF ) , collected since early November 4 million signatures. Which forces to the organisation of the referendum . And is one of the reasons for the failure of the EU in Kiev. But you have read this nowhere , because only the PCN-NCP and the Voice of Russia which took over my information talked about it …

Read my leader (in French):

What the NATO’s medias hide to you: the CP of Ukraine receives 3,5 millions of signings against the enter in EU!

on https://www.lucmichel.net/2013/12/09/pcn-spo-ce-que-vous-cachent-les-medias-de-lotan-le-pc-dukraine-recueille-35-millions-de-signatures-contre-ladhesion-a-lunion-europeenne/


Russia invests a portion of the reserves of the National Welfare Fund ‘ for $ 15 billion in the Ukrainian securities . This is what Putin said after talks at the Russian-Ukrainian Intergovernmental Commission. The need for a new loan of $ 15 billion was raised by the Ukrainian President already in October , when the IMF began its mission in Ukraine. Pending the decision of the IMF , investors are in no hurry to place funds in Ukraine. However, Russian investments can now boost , experts say.

Mikhail Pogrebinsky , director of the Center for Political Research of Kiev, believes that  » this loan will give Ukraine the opportunity to avoid economic collapse . » « This gives us the opportunity to avoid a possible default of payment , because next year , Ukraine expects colossal expenditure, which could deprive it of almost all its reserves in gold and silver . We were forced to give everything (to the IMF ) . And today we have the chance to get away with making positive the balance of payments and improving the economy of the country.  »

« Lowering gas prices will also accelerate the economic growth of the country . » According to the amendment to the contract of Gazprom and Naftogaz signed by the two presidents, the price of Russian gas for the Ukrainian company will be reduced from 410 to 268.5 dollars per thousand cubic meters. This was noted by Nikolay Ivchenko, head of the Department of Analytical Research of the Forex Club (Ukraine). « The decline in the price of gas for Ukraine is a very important economic factor as the energy efficiency of the country is quite low and companies working with gas are numerous. It is first of all the chemical industry, which is about 15-20 % of Ukrainian exports. In addition, the Russian gas is also used in metallurgy.  »


 » The signed agreements open good prospects for the Ukrainian economy for years to come. All this would have been impossible without an agreement between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine , « concluded the Prime Minister.

According to Azarov , who only draw the conclusion of the duplicity of the EU  » by signing the Association Agreement with the EU , Ukraine should have accepted the conditions of the International Monetary Fund as the rise of gas tariffs for individuals, the devaluation of the national currency or wage freezes while buying Russian gas at a high price .  »

Today nothing threatens the economic and financial stability in Ukraine, he assured. We no longer let anyone destabilize the situation, he said while the opposition still has mobilized several thousand people turned into 50,000 ( resic ) by AFP, to denounce the agreement with Russia Tuesday night in the center of Kiev.

Some days ago , the Ukrainian government had asked the EU the issue of aid actually made. Asking if Brussels was prepared to put 20 billion ( what will be ultimately the amount of the Russian aid ) and not the 400 million proposed . The response was scathing and Ms Merkel could even take one of her big anger .  » We will not play with numbers. Prosperity of Ukraine can not be the subject of a tender where the highest bidder wins the prize  » (sic) , had responded a spokesman for the European Commission , Olivier Bailly, in Brussels. In Berlin, a spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel had estimated that with the figure advanced by Mr. Azarov, Ukrainian leaders seemed to want  » diversion  » as to their responsibility for the situation in their country ( resic ) .

In reality, the EU in economic and financial crisis obviously does not have the means to put these 15 or 20 billion on the table. The EU proposes wind.  » You sit , you sign , we give crumbs and we take everything in 6 months » , these are the proposals from Brussels. Who mocks Ukraine and Ukrainians .

The aim was twofold.

Geopolitically , it was Kiev in NATO and Russia isolated.

Economically, it was the  » shock therapy » (ask the Russians in 1992 or Argentinians … ), the looting of the Ukrainian economy by the banksters of Brussels and Berlin, the destruction of the Ukrainian heavy industry, the dictates of IMF.

A bad plan proposed by political scoundrels. Moscow, which has the means of its Eurasian projects and the sense of the post- Soviet solidarity , has checkmated them !


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