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Main topics of the week:

Ukraine coup/ Geneva II/ Egyptian chaos/

PCN-TV with RT – PCN-SPO / 2014 01 28/

 The Russian TV channel ‘RT’ news – former ‘Russia Today’ – for an alternative information to the dual language, double standards, lies and propaganda of the NATO’s medias …

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 Main topics of the week:

RT News – January 26, 2014/

 UKRAINE COUP / The Ukrainian leadership’s concessions are followed by fresh violence, as rioters in Kiev ignore the agreement wih the opposition to clear the streets. No peace on the streets of Kiev as the opposition mull an offer to head the government, amid intensifying riots across the country’s west. While Western Ukraine is rocked by more protests, as local administration buildings are stormed or taken over by crowds in over a dozen regional centres;

 GENEVA II / Also this week – face-to-face for the first time. Syria’s leaders and the rebels’ representatives hold their first talks since the start of the civil war – heralded by diplomats as a major step forward. The Syrian government and the rebels agree to discuss humanitarian aid at peace talks in Switzerland, so far avoiding the toughest issues. Amid the bombs and bullets in Syria itself, we visit a maternity unit there to find out how mothers and doctors battle through the horrors of the war;

 EGYPTIAN CHAOS / And, deadly clashes across Egypt and terror attacks in the capital mar the third anniversary of the revolution that toppled long-standing dictator Hosni Mubarak. Dozens are killed in street violence and a wave of deadly bombings in Egypt, as the polarised nation reaches the third anniversary of its revolution. Meanwhile the interim leader says the country’s next step will be a presidential election.





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