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with LLB – The Time – The Economist – The Financial Time – PCN-SPO / 2014 02 15 /

A dive in the russophobia, the media lies and manipulation of History …

NATO Media hate Putin. But the Russian President fascinates them.

From the ruins of the destruction of the USSR – « the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century, » he said – he restored the Russian State auctioned by Yeltsin and the oligarchs.

He is the only real bulwark against the Yankee worldwide dictatorship.

His Eurasiatic ‘Second Europe’ is the alternative, the only one, in Eurasia and the Mediterranean.

Yes a man can change History …


Ironically – and unintentionally homage of media vice to state virtue – La Libre Belgique (Brussels ) attacks Putin on the Sochi Olympics, showcase of Russian power . Confusing auctioned Russia of the Yeltsin years , those of rapacious oligarchs and thieves , as Khodorovski whom the Western media made ​​a hero, the editor of the daily of Brussels , Russophobic arrogant creature, evokes  “pharaonic works whose price clashes disproportionately with the poverty of the local population « ( sic) .

And without historical culture , compares Putin to Hitler and the Berlin games in 1936 : « It is not the first time , unfortunately, the Olympic festival serves to legitimize a dictatorship (…) To tell the truth ( resic ! ), this has happened only once : in Berlin in 1936 …  »

He forgets that Putin is heir to the Stalinist Soviet state that defeated Hitler. And he closes his eyes over filthy indulgences of Brussels and NATO media on the neo-Nazis of the Kiev ‘Maidan’ serving so well the Westerners. Anti-Russians as this editor , « democrats » ( resic ) displaying huge posters of Hitler in the middle of Kiev!


While La Libre Belgique (Brussels) or Libération (Paris) headlines are on the « games of the Tsar” – note the similarity of propaganda -, the Financial Times (3 February 2014), calls to overthrow Putin: « If Ukrainians knock over the man of Kiev, the Russians might ask why they should not do the same with the man of the Kremlin”.

Same theme – the famous language elements – for The Economist. Under the ironic title « The triumph of Vladimir Putin, » The Economist, another daily of finance, announced the « ruin » of Russia (sic) and added in the same tone that  “It is not just that without it (Ukraine), his vaunted Eurasian Union —a sort of Soviet Union-lite— would lose its point: it is also that, if Ukrainians succeed in rejecting the Putin-Yanukovych model, and set their country back on a democratic European path, they might inspire Russians to do the same”.


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