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With KRIM24 TV – PCN -SPO / 2014 02 26 /

The Prime Minister of Crimea, now part of Russia, called the Ukrainian people to ponder the example of the peninsula which « after joining our great motherland, Russia, is no longer likely to enjoy all the ‘ charms’ of the famous ‘ European choice ‘. « 

Published on his Facebook page and quoted Saturday by all the Ukrainian media, the call of Sergei Axionov also broadcast in video, warns very precisely the Ukrainians about the economic side, coming in a few months, of the Association Agreement signed with the EU last Friday. He provides an apocalyptic picture – but unfortunately realistic for our Ukrainian brothers – of the consequences « of an unjustifiable tax amount, rising prices, inflation and rising unemployment, the retirement age increased beyond the average expectation of life. »

« I urge you to oppose the choice made for you by a handful of political adventurers funded by the oligarchs-compradores – a term taken directly from one of my editorials, I am obviously read in Simferopol and Moscow – (…) to defend your rights and interests whose realization, I am deeply convinced of it, goes through a close alliance with the Russian Federation, political, economic and cultural alliance » he said.

This Saturday, some 20,000 people (4,000 says AFP that is systematically dividing by five the pro-Russian protesters and multiply by ten the proMaidan) have besides demonstrated in Donetsk, waving Russian flags and demanding the return of Viktor Yanukovych, the child of the region. Moreover, in Odessa, Lugansk, Dniepropetrosk, Kharkov pro-Russian protests do not stop. All require a referendum as in the Crimea…


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