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The ‘Russian Civil Chamber’ – the third Russian chamber representing civil society, element of Direct Democracy ignored by Kremlinologists , and specialized in human rights ( and yes this is the so-called « dictatorship of Putin  » ( sic) (*) – draws up a  » black list » of politicians, representatives of the business community and officials of security forces who violate human rights in Ukraine, and will propose the Russian authorities to impose sanctions against them , told RIA Novosti on Monday Georgy Fyodorov , a member of the House.

« Currently, we collect all the information ( on violations of human rights in Ukraine , ed), I think that by next week the work is completed and made public. Meanwhile, we have undertaken to draw up a  » black list » of those who violate human rights and we will propose the leaders of our country to impose sanctions against them. They are several representatives of the political class and Ukrainian business – the mafia oligarchs to whom the junta of Kiev sold the eastern regions – who organize terror (via mercenaries of Academi / Blackwater and their private security services linked to organized crime ) , have assets and interests in Russia. We believe that due to the current political situation , they should be subject to sanctions ,  » the official said .


For several weeks , supporters of the federalization organize rallies and demonstrations in the south- eastern Ukraine . Last week , Kiev announced the beginning of an « anti- terrorist » major operation in the region, involving the army .

Instead of granting amnesty to the arrested supporters of the federalization of Ukraine, Kiev continues arrests and also violates the rights of journalists , said also on Monday in Moscow Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after talks with his Mozambican counterpart Oldemiro Baloi . « One of the clauses of the Geneva Agreement requires amnesty for political prisoners and protesters. However , instead of granting amnesty to prisoners , including the popular governor of Donetsk Pavel Gubarev , the Ukrainian authorities continue to challenge political leaders of the south –east of the country  »  , said Lavrov .

In addition , Kiev challenges and arrests journalists , said Lavrov. « Journalists, not only Russian but also foreigners, are not allowed to go to the Ukrainian regions to see what happens there. This is outrageous , » said the minister.

« A change of power with the characteristics of a coup occurred in Kiev on February 22, 2014  » Moscow says . The Supreme Rada (parliament) deposed President Viktor Yanukovych, reformed the Constitution by violating it and set the presidential election on May 25

Refusing to recognize the new government , residents of several southern and eastern regions hold protest meetings , demanding a referendum on the federalization of Ukraine. OnTuesday, April 15 , ‘Ukrainian Acting President’ (named in violation of the Constitution) Alexander Turchinov launched a military operation against the demonstrators.

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Photo: Luc Michel at a conference at the Russian Civil Chamber in October 2011 with the logo of the Russian 3rd Chamber …

(*) Full information about the RUSSIAN CIVIL CHAMBER (sometimes called ‘ civic ‘ in French ) on the special EODE PAGE:

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