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Many of you are wondering why the clash which I opposed a panelist on the plateau of the PAN-AFRICAN DEBATE of AFRIQUE MEDIA TV this Sunday, after my intervention on the DAY OF SLAVERY ABOLITIONS on 10 May in France where I greeted the memory of Robespierre (first abolition in 1794) and Victor Schoelcher (2nd abolition of 1848) …

I do not write to be popular. But for an adult audience, in Eurasia, Africa or the Americas, able to think and understand. Who has learned to go beyond the « totems of the tribe » as Arthur Koestler said. I do what I say and I say what I do. On slavery as all subjects …

Slavery is not a racial conflict, Blacks against Whites, this is the worst form of exploitation of man by man. It is with torture and genocide one of the three abominations which humanity – White, Black (1), Yellow – has dared to be guilty. An abomination which involved ALL civilizations from ancient times to the present day (slavery being still practiced in an insidious and concealed way in too many countries, including the reactionary monarchies of the Gulf, the « Caliphate » and other jihadist « emirates »…).

Until that the CIVILIZATION OF LIGHTS (2), which is universal and universalist, leads to a political, ideological and not national Revolution, the one of Jacobinism. The one of Robespierre and the first Paris Commune, from 1792 to 1794, which is also the matrix of modern revolutionary parties, of Blanqui and Mazzini to Lenin and our PCN-NCP (3). Which will proclaim and impose in practice the equality of the human race, full citizenship of Blacks and Jews, the Abolition of Slavery …

And the Europeans have also paid the price of blood. The word « slave » comes from « Slav » (forgotten by Afrocentrists), population massively taken into slavery (razzia) between the 6th and the 19th century by the Eastern empires, including the one of the Ottomans.

The Randomness wants that this day a friend Website, the one of EBURNIE NEWS (Ivory Coast) publishes an article on Trafficking of Whites in the Mediterranean. Based on the authoritative book of historian Robert C. Davis (4).
Here what this African website writes: « People totally ignore: in the sixteenth century, the white slaves plundered by the Muslims were more than the Africans deported to the Americas. The American historian Robert C. Davis explains the difficult living conditions of these Italian or Spanish captives (…) For Italy, « eye of Christianity » was undoubtedly between the sixteenth and eighteenth century, the region most affected by the raids of Barbary pirates, or North Africans. Villages were affected there, activities (such as fishing) impeded, minds and societies permanently shaken. The Mediterranean becoming « sea of ​​fear », many Italians would then abandoned coastal and moved farther inland. About long-term effects of these raids, the author goes to speak of « social and psychological disaster » – a question that should probably deserve more expanded studies (…) Considering at about 15% the mortality rate of slaves already more or less acclimated to their new condition, he evaluates between one million and 1,250,000 the number of white slaves held, between 1530 and 1780, in a territory stretching from current Algeria to Libya. In the sixteenth century, so there were more white slaves annually raided than Africans deported to the Americas. « 

We see that slavery led everywhere and at all times to the same disaster and to the same human misery. In Italy or Africa! Slavery, whatever be the victims and slavers, is an abomination. And as the great Robespierre proclaimed on May 13, 1791, in his « Discourse against slavery » and the infamous « Black Code » of the ancien regime, « From the moment that in one of your decrees, you will have pronounced the word slave, you will have delivered your own disgrace and the overthrow of your Constitution. « 

# Read (in French):
The White Slavery in the Mediterranean (1500-1800): Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters.


(1) Cfr. Alain Mabanckou, LE SANGLOT DE L’HOMME NOIR, Ed. Fayard, 2012.
The Congolese writer Alain Mabanckou, recalls truths hidden by supporters of Afrocentrism and tackles great taboo of contemporary Africa on slavery and the Black trade: « The Black trade is a disgrace to the humanity. A crime against humanity. Whether by Europeans through the Atlantic. Or Arabs, through the Sahara or Zanzibar. Yet it would be inaccurate to say that the White captured alone the Black to enslave him. The part of responsibility of the Blacks in the Black slave trade remains a taboo among Africans, who usually refuse to look in a mirror. « 

The Congolese writer who lives between France and the United States, where he is a professor, is not the first to point out the African responsibility in the horror of trafficking. The Malian Yambo Ouologuen in his book LE DEVOIR DE VIOLENCE (THE DUTY OF VIOLENCE), had revisited in 1968 the African history, stressing that « the horrors of slavery existed in Africa long before the arrival of Whites. » And Mabanckou is in line with himself, even taking up the title of his book « the duty to remember » in an essential chapter of his own book. « But today, in France and in Africa, who knows Ouologuen? Who still reads him ?
The director of the cultural heritage of the Senegalese Ministry of Culture Hamady Bocoum, during a round table in 2007 in Goree, had already asked « why trafficking was set in Africa and lasted so long, why Africa has failed to hold up well? « . Before giving an answer: « When a people is defeated, there are necessarily collaborators ».

(2) Cfr.Yves Benot, LES LUMIERES, L’ESCLAVAGE, LA COLONISATION, textes réunis et présentés par Roland Desné et Marcel Dorigny, Paris, Éditions la Découverte, 2005.

(3) Cfr. Luc MICHEL, LE PARTI HISTORIQUE REVOLUTIONNAIRE (Machiavelisme, Jacobinisme, Leninisme, Communautarisme), 2e édition, Editions Machiavel, Bruxelles, 1991.

(4) Cfr. Robert C. Davis, CHRISTIAN SLAVES, MUSLIM MASTERS. WHITE SLAVERY IN THE MEDITERRANEAN , THE BARBARY COAST AND , 1500-1800, Basingstoke , Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.
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LM.NET - LM esclavage décrypté (2015 05 11) ENGL (2) LM.NET - LM esclavage décrypté (2015 05 11) ENGL (3)

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